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Minimum Product Order Quantity#945

Many restaurants and caterers require minimum product quantities for ordering. Currently, there is the ability to have minimum quantities created through Options, however, there are certain needs to have a minimum field availabe directly in the products (dish) section.

Setting a minimum product order quantity for products has several advantages in CloudWaitress.

  1. Checkout quantities show proper amounts in cart totals to avoid confusion of total amounts ordered to benefit both the customer and kitchen staff.

  2. Simplify Menu Build to reduce time and eliminate additional Options to be created in order to satisfy minimums.

  3. User-friendly shopping experience for customer during ordering process.

Overall, minimum order quantities help restaurants and caterers manage their resources more effectively, ensuring sustainability and profitability of their business.

2 months ago

This functionality can be acieved with option sets, with the additional benefit that the minimum quantity can be selected. Please book training with support.

2 months ago