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Implement Country-Specific Flags for Customer Contact Numbers#944



I am reaching out to propose a suggestion for enhancing the user experience on our platform, specifically concerning the display of country flags when customers input their contact information to place an order or reserve a table.

Currently, the flag displayed during this process is consistently that of Australia. While this serves its purpose, it may not accurately represent the diverse locations and origins of our clientele.

To better cater to our global customer base and provide a more personalized experience, I suggest implementing country-specific flags alongside the respective phone number fields. This visual indicator will help customers immediately identify the country associated with their phone number, adding clarity and convenience to the process.

By incorporating country-specific flags, we can demonstrate our commitment to acknowledging and accommodating the unique needs of customers from various regions. This enhancement aligns with our goal of continuously improving the user experience and fostering inclusivity on our platform.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to the possibility of implementing this feature and its positive impact on our platform.

Best regards,

3 months ago

The flag is linked to the default region of the store

2 months ago


Please check the printscreen. Because at my end the flag is linked with Australia.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
a month ago