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Suggestion for Enhanced Delivery Fee Options#943



I wanted to share a suggestion for enhancing the delivery fee options on your platform, which I believe could greatly benefit both customers and businesses alike.

Currently, it would be advantageous to integrate a feature that allows for delivery fees to be determined based on both the order amount and the distance of delivery. This could be achieved by implementing a system where customers within a certain proximity, say 0 to 2 kilometers, are eligible for free delivery provided their order meets a minimum threshold, such as $25. If their order falls below this threshold, a nominal delivery fee, such as $3, could be applied.

Moreover, it would be beneficial to provide businesses with the flexibility to define their own delivery zones and corresponding minimum order amounts for free delivery or additional fees. This customization would empower businesses to tailor their delivery services to their specific needs and clientele.

In addition to distance-based delivery fees, another valuable feature would be the ability to set minimum order amounts for delivery on a per-area basis. This would allow businesses to ensure that their delivery operations remain economically viable while providing a fair and transparent experience for customers.

By incorporating these enhancements, Cloudwaitress could further distinguish itself as a leading provider of comprehensive and flexible solutions for online ordering and delivery management. I believe such features would not only enhance user satisfaction but also contribute to the success and growth of businesses utilizing your platform.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of Cloudwaitress and its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its users.

Best regards,

3 months ago
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2 months ago

Hi Team,

We are a WISE (Work Integration Social Enterprise) not-for-profit organisation. Our online store ‘Church Grounds’ sells coffee and is based in Sydney, Australia.

We use Australia Post as our preferred courier and they charge different prices for delivery to various postcodes.

In our case, we need to charge delivery fees (postage) based on weight and destination, for example: 1kg of coffee to Melbourne would be different to say 2kg to Sydney.

If CloudWaitress could allow us to integrate with the Australia Post APIs we may be able to easily calculate delivery fees for every order.

I presume the same would apply for USPS, Fedex, etc.

We hope this feature doesn’t take too long to implement.

Marcel De Maria

12 days ago