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Limit Number of Pickup Time Slots Per Given Amounts of Time (Example: 10 slots every 15 minutes)#452

Currently you can set wait times based on current order capacity in the configurations, but knowing staffing at the order pickup station, and the number of pickup stations available, it would be nice to say that pickup slots will only be offered every 15 minutes, and that there is only 10-15 slots available in those 15 minute increments.

Example: 10 slots at 7pm, 10 slots at 7:15pm, 10 slots at 7:30pm and so on and so forth. This would greatly help with “bottle-necking”, which is a real issue with a carry-out/pickup only business due to COVID. A lot of customers pre-ordered ahead of time, and it was difficult to space the order timing out for a smooth pickup process.

9 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

Would you like to customise per service type?
i.e. 5 pickups per 15mins and 2 deliveries per 15mins?

2 months ago

@CloudWaitress Admin, I think it would be beneficial to have the timed slot breakdown by service type. If you have 2 counter workers for pickups, but 4 delivery drivers, you may be able to handle different output per the 15 minutes, based on service type.

2 months ago